Kate Chopin's “The Storm” Essay

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The short story, “The Storm” by Kate Chopin is about a love that could never be until it briefly was. The point that Chopin was trying to get across was that Calixta and Alcee had a strong passion for one-another, and perhaps loved each other, but they could never have been married because of their social differences. It is a passionate, but brief affair between two married people from different social classes that takes place during a cyclone in Louisiana around 1898. The story symbolizes the freedom that a woman felt inside after the rain during a time when women had no freedom. (Firtha lesson 2 page 1) Calixta and Alcee had a strong passion for each other. Chopin says: Alcee rides up to her house and asks “if he can take shelter…show more content…
“They did not heed the crashing torrents, and the roar of the elements made her laugh as she lay in his arms.”(Chopin807)
Their love-making was so intense that neither of them had felt those emotions and sensations before. “She was a revelation in that dim, mysterious chamber; as white as the couch she lay upon.” (Chopin807) Chopin goes on to say; “The generous abundance of her passion, without guile or trickery, was like a white flame which penetrated and found response in depths of his own sensuous nature that had never yet had been reached.”(807) She stated that text because Calixta had never felt that way with her own husband. Also, Chopin refers to “her mouth being a fountain of delight.” (807) She adds, “And when he possessed her, they seemed swoon together at the very borderline of life’s mystery.” (807)This must have been when they reached their climax. “They were over whelmed by ecstatic joy.”( Calixta and Alcee could have never of married each
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