Kate Chopin's Writing Career and Influence on Society Essay

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Kate Chopin was a influential author that introduced powerful female characters to the american literacy world. She was most known for her brilliant book The Awakening. However at that time it received many negative reviews, causing the downfall of Kate’s writing career. Now the book is such a influential story that it is being taught in classrooms throughout the world. This essay will discuss Kate Chopin’s writing career and the impact her writing has on society. Kate Chopin was an author best known for her strong leading female characters. The essence of her characters was based on her female oriented upbringing. She was raised at home by her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and at school she was taught by nuns. The soul of…show more content…
Kate became nationally known as a short story writer in 1894. Her second novel The Awakening was published in 1899 and it became the demise of her career. The majority of the stories written in that era had a male dominant nature. Kate, creating main character roles of women, was one of the first american writers to overcome those set society boundaries. She was a influential voice to the public since she focused solely on the problems and needs of women living in a male dominant society. The Awakening’s main character, Edna, was a woman searching for a place in society, love, and individuality. Kate impressively portrayed Edna as a free spirited woman who openly was searching for her own happiness. The public at this time believed that portraying a woman in this way was an abomination to the literary world. The continuous bad publicity of her second novel made it exceptionally hard for her to publish more stories. Kate continued writing stories after The Awakening was published. They were not revealed to the society since no publisher would publish her stories because of her negative press. On August 20th, 1904, Kate was at a St. Louis World’s Fair and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. She remained in hospital until her death on August 22nd. Kate Chopin was buried at St. Louis’s cemetery next to her son and husband. Kate Chopin was a great author who knew how to express women trying
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