Kate Cooper Case Essay

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Green Meadows Hospital is newly constructed community hospital owned by Southern Hospitals Corporation. Kate Cooper was very excited when she got a new position at Green Meadows as a Manager of Adult Services. They started hiring people and were getting ready to open the hospital. However, things did not go well as they planned and wanted to. Therefore, Kate had to resign. The biggest problem that I see in this was their unorganized management skills and communications skills. They should have more prepared since they were new hospital and related to people’s lives but from the beginning, it seemed like they did not think that it was a big of deal and just went it the flow.

Communications at Green Meadows Hospital is more likely one
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At first he seemed like he was very encouraging and supporting his followers and he turned out to be very selfish and self-centered leader. To be a S3 or S4 leaders, they need to listen to their followers more since they are working with their patients directly and might know better than them. However, decisions were never made with the followers, instead the leaders made most of the decisions and just announced it. On the other hand, Kate is in the level of D2. She has had some experiences as a charge nurse and a house supervisor. Kate has some relevant skills with the new position but since she was new to this position and to the hospital, she needed some help from her leaders. I would say Peter is in the level of D4. He just knew what he was doing and seemed like very confidence of what he was doing but like Alan, he was very selfish, seemed like he always thought about himself first instead thinking about the team as a whole. To help Kate and Peter, they could change their leaderships to S3. I think S4 would be too much for everyone with this situation, but having 2 way communication, when making decisions followers can be involved, but still the leaders can make the final decisions. Instead of Doug and Alan telling Kate and Peter what to do, they all can be involved and talk about what is going on at the hospital and talk about it to make it better or make a
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