Kate Drumgoold and Annie L. Burton

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Christianity is an essential part of the women’s slave narratives that were read thus far. As slaves bounded by their foreign masters, the religion of Christianity has shaped the black community’s way of thinking and their way of life as a whole. While the majority of slaves converted to Christianity, the women were very passionate with their Christian faith as they used it as a fundamental anchor to allow them to keep hope alive in times of struggle and strife. The three narratives that are chosen to illustrate this role of Christianity within the lives of slave women are the narratives of Memoir of Old Elizabeth: a Coloured Woman, A Slave Girl’s Story: Being and Autobiography of Kate Drumgoold, and Memories of Childhood’s Slavery Days by…show more content…
Drumgoold also provided spiritual songs that she sang that helped her through some of her lowest points of her life as one song goes:
Jesus Savior, pilot me Over life’s tempestuous sea, Unknown waves before me roll, Hiding rocks and treacherous shoals Chart and compass come from Thee, Jesus Savior, pilot me.” (Drumgoold 1898)

The central significance of her inclusion of the Christian faith is that she emphasizes on the importance of religious development through education. She believes that education is supposed to expand the mind and to become closer to God. Drumgoold also uses her narrative as a means to advocate equality for all people as she uses religious context in terms of everyone is created equal under God. Spiritual growth is very important to Drumgoold to enrich and empower the black community as she also values the racial pride of her people. Finally, in the narrative Memories of Childhood’s Slavery Days by Annie L. Burton, Annie Burton incorporates her Christian faith in a short segment at the end of her narrative entitled, A Vision. In this segment, she discusses her account of how she came to know God and became a proud member of the Christian faith and the Warren Avenue Baptist Church in Boston. When Burton was taken ill in 1875, she made a promise to the Lord saying that if He should spare her, she would serve Him. However,

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