Kate Jenkinson Character Analysis

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Waiting for Wentworth season 5 to come back? Bea Smith fans are still mourning the loss of their beloved lead character. But there is one person out there who is not sad at the moment. Actress Kate Jenkinson is out on a vacay in Cancun?

Kate Jenkinson plays Allie Novak, the former love interest of Bea in the upcoming Wentworth season 5. After Bea’s death, many wonder what is next for Allie and the rest of the Wentworth crew. Many figure that season 5 is going to focus on the rise of a new power inside the prison walls. Many also speculate the coming of new inmates. Which means a power struggle is going to ensue.

But amidst all the crime, hate and drama - where is the love? According to Curve, Kate finds love in real life. Kate Jenkinson is
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