Kate Millett Research Paper

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“I believe that there is a killer in all of us. I know there is one inside me. When you know the killer in you and you know also that you don’t want to kill, you have to set yourself upon a course of learning. Not to kill that killer then, but to control it.” This quote refers to Kate Millett when she was through tough times because thought that she was being controlled to much and she couldn't get rid of it. Even though she couldn’t get rid of it she managed to try and control it. Kate Millett created books and articles about Sexual Politics. She used persisting to Innovate ways to overcome negative comments and illuminate the word by making great works of art.

Kate Millett was an outgoing woman who fought for her rights as a woman. She had be interested in Sexual Politics because she thought it was wrong to separate people just because of their gender. She had written papers, newsletters, and newspaper reports. She was a feminist who had joined a group to stop separation between genders. She was the leader of the group. She was also an artist who
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She had used a habit of mind Persisting to assist her because a lot of people had pushed her down. She had never reacted to the negative comments because she just knew she could fix what they said. She had made new ideas that had incorporated with her work in her group. She also had a mental illness that was big obstacle because she had written a book about her “manic and depressive episodes, attempts of her family and friends” (“Kate Millett”, 1998.) Since her mental illness she was hospitalized for two weeks before they had found a cure (“Kate Millett”,1998). Lots of people did but like her book “Flying” because they thought it was disgusting to men. She had expressed her feelings out about Sexual Politics in her book “Flying” in was with her inner and outer self. She had made a lot of changes with her life and confidence
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