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Kate Spade is not just a well-known brand it is also a person. Kate Spade was born on December 24th. After she earned a degree in journalism she started to work for Mademoiselle magazine, which is located in New York. At the end of 5 years she was senior fashion editor and also head of accessories. She left in 1991 to put all of her creative energy into designing her own line (“Kate Spade Biography”, par. 1). Kate Spade has a very interesting personal life. Her company has come a long way from the beginning. Kate Spade’s professional life started as an assistant but now she is her own boss. Although Kate Spade started at the bottom, hard work and ambition lead to her success as one of the most well known fashion designers in the world. Now that most people around the world know, and love her, she is a very famous fashion designer. Kate Spade may be a businesswoman, but family will always come first for her. Kate Spade was born in Kansas City Missouri (“Kate Spade Biography”, par. 1). She was born on December 24th with the name Katherine Noel Brosnahan (“Kate Spade Biography”, par. 2) Kate Spade earned her degree in journalism. She…show more content…
Kate Spade worked for Mademoiselle Magazine for five years. While Kate Spade was working there she became senior fashion editor and head of accessories (“Kate Spade Biography”, par. 2). Kate Spade launched her own brand in 1993. She opened a small boutique in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan soon after (“Kate Spade Biography”, par. 3). When Kate Spade first launched her line she sold primarily handbags (“The Real Kate Spade”, par. 1). Kate Spade New York started off with just a couple of items but has grown since then. Kate Spade is known for its pops of color. Now they sell glasses, purses, shoes, wallet, and much more. She recently launched a new fragrance line called Live Colorfully (“Company Snapshot”, par. 6). As one can see, Kate Spade New York has grown over the

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