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English III Honors

February 19, 2010

Katherine Anne Porter Here is a woman who put things straight through the will of God. Katherine Anne Porter did it all, and chose perfection of life and of work. She worked as a critic, a singer, an actress, and most importantly of all a writer. Through numerous marriages, divorces, deaths, and personal crises, Porter established herself as accomplished author. Porter’s collection of works includes: short stories, short storie collcetions, short novels, novels, and essays. Katherine Anne Porter brought her reader’s into her stories by using precise details and symbols, a clear-cut insight into human behavior, and the darker
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( internett notes) Through her life she became a great American Writer, writing many novels, short stories, and essays. Katherine Anne Porter’s most brilliant technical accomplishment, the novel "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall". It was first published in a magazine in February, 1929. The afterwards collected in Porter's first published book, Flowering Judas. The story involves a dying woman's memory of being left at the altar on her wedding day and her current fear of being jilted in a similar manner by God. It gives a portrait of an eighty year old granny on her death bed; it gives an exploration of the human mind as it struggles to come to terms with loss and mortality. In her essay “The Eye of the Story,” fellow southern writer and critic Eudora Welty observed that “Most good stories are about the interior of our lives, but Katherine Anne Porter’s stories take place there; they surface only at her choosing.” ( ) “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” is certainly one of these interior stories. The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” is told by a third person narrator, readers are drawn into the mind of Ellen Weatherall (granny) and what takes place in her life through her memories. (Martor, 1:116) Readers laugh along with her, for example,” When she teases the doctor about his youth. Gradually, however, Ellen’s grasp of reality slips off its moorings and she begins to journey back into her past.” (martor 1: “116”) Readers are able to travel
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