Katherine Garrett Narrative

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When I was fighting i believe that i was invincible. I thought nobody could hurt me i figured I was the strongest and the fastest. But then there was this new women named katherine Garrett. She was only 6”0 and she was only 180 pounds. She was mean and aggressive. She had eyes to kill. I was told that we were going to fight and she is a tough person to beat. It started off in the late 90s early 2000s I was about 25 and i was number 1 in the state so you can say i was really good. So it was about 12pm and i was getting ready for the fight and i saw kathrine walk down the hall in her boxing gloves she looked at me with anger in her eyes. It felt like a knife piercing through me. So it hit 12:30 pm they called me and kathrine down we both stepped in the ring. The…show more content…
I tried to remember what had happened but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I struggled to my feet and i looked around and saw nothing but black walls and a door. I walked up to the door and tried to open it and it shocked me. There was nothing around me to try to hold to get the door open. So i stood there wondering if I should try again and I did. This time it actually worked it didn't shock me it just. I walked outside and and saw children running around playing. As i stood there the people around me stood there like nothing happened like there wasn't a women standing there like nothing was wrong. I stood there for a couple seconds thinking what led me into this place. As i stood there all the little kids went past me and they were all playing like i was invisible. The weird thing is that all the kids looked like katherine. I thought that was very strange. So i started down the street and all the homes looked the same,cars,clothes,and the way people lived each child had there own home. But the weird thing is that when the children came out of there homes they would carry bottles with them. Finally I got to this little shop called “Little womens
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