Katherine Johnson Hidden Figures

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Hidden Figures: The Math Behind the Scenes
Brianna K. Fetzer
Benton High School

In the movie Hidden Figures the producers and writers of the movie touch base on multiple points as well as teach valuable lessons. Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. Henson, is an outstanding american idol. In the 1960s blacks were not seen as equals nor were women yet she, being both black and a woman, out did her colleagues. Using Euler’s Method to solve a problem on a blackboard that her and her team were over seeing at the time. By using Euler’s Method they were able to solve the equation and send John Glenn into space to orbit the earth seven times and safely bring him back home to earth.

Hidden Figures in Review
The movie Hidden
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They often doubted her judgement of skills in her line of work, as well as her mathematical skills even though she went to college at West Virginia State University and earned her degree. She had a B.S. in mathematics and french and graduated in 1937. She was one of three african americans to graduate that year due to the president of the college wanting integrate the graduating class. She was the only female of the three students picked, that causing great opportunities open up for her, thus how she ended up working for NASA. “During a pivotal scene, Johnson and a team of white, male engineers are staring at a blackboard, trying to solve equations for the trajectory of astronaut John Glenn's space capsule. They're stumped until Johnson hits upon a solution: ‘Euler's Method,’ she says. ‘That's ancient,’ says one of the engineers incredulously. ‘Yes. But it works,’ she counters. ‘It works numerically.’” (Meyers, 2017)
Overall this movie, Hidden Figures, touches bases with on cultural and social also scientific and mathematical points. Katherine Johnson, an american idol, sets examples for people who deal with discrimination each and every day. She also teaches them to stand up for what they believe in and to strive for the stars. She launches the a start for African Americans and women all over the world. This is a very educational movie from different
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