Katherine Mansfield And Ernest Hemmingway Are Both Published

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Katherine Mansfield and Ernest Hemmingway are both published writers. One was born in New Zealand and the other in the United States during the late 19th century. This paper will compare and contrast the setting, plot, imagery, climax, and theme between Mansfield’s “Miss Brill” and Hemmingway’s “Cat in the Rain.”
The setting in “Miss Brill” takes place in a public garden in France. The story states the band plays in the Jardins Publiques (Public Gardens) in France (15). Miss Brill, the protagonist, is proceeding on a Sunday afternoon to the gardens where she will listen to a band. Mansfield tells us there were a number of other people out that afternoon, more than any other Sunday. The time of year appears to be autumn. Mansfield
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She is a lady vicariously living through those around her. She makes observations of the patient Englishman and his nagging wife (15). Furthermore, she observes two young girls laughing and meeting up with two soldiers (15). Nearby resides a stiff man with a woman. The man indifference to the woman makes Miss Brill angry. She whispered over and over “The Brute! The Brute!” (16). She was also unimpressed by a beautiful woman that passed by. She dropped some violets, which a young boy picked up and gave back to her. However Miss Brill see’s the woman throw the flowers away. She exclaims, “Dear me!” (16). Miss Brill views the events as a play as if she is an actress. Each individual have their parts. Even the fur she wears around her head has a part in the play. Mansfield advises, “It was exactly like a play. Who could believe the sky at the back wasn’t painted?” (17).
In contrast, the characters in the plot of “Cat in the Rain” are limited to the American couple, a cat, the padrone, and a maid. The American wife sees a cat from her window. Hemingway states, “A cat was crouched under one of the dripping green tables” (62). She desires to retrieve the cat against the indifference of her husband. The American wife states, “I’m going down and get that kitty” (62). George, her husband, half-heartedly offers to retrieve it for her. He was indifferent to the episode. Hemingway advises us that he went on reading and
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