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Katherine Ramjit Mr. Staccone T2 History April 28th, 2017 Through What Events Was Slavery The Main Cause Of the American Civil War of 1861-1865 Some may argue that the main causes of the Civil War was The Missouri Compromise, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Compromise of 1850 and or much more. There is a multitude of reasons or causes that people can argue about what really started the War. One important factor to take in account is that most events leading up towards the Civil War really revolved to slavery. Slavery can be defined as a system, or a practice, that is based on forced labor. At the time of the Civil War those who wanted to end slavery most, abolitionists (mostly in the North), had many problems with those in the South (due…show more content…
Violence had soon erupted because both ideologies had began fighting for control. If you had been living in Kansas, the Civil War really began for you in 1855 rather than 1861. Bleeding Kansas is often said to been one of the main causes leading up to the Civil War because it led to the establishment of the Republican Party. The battles that took place during Bleeding Kansas were the first shots of the Civil War. Another example that backs up the statement that slavery was the main cause of the Civil War was John Brown’s raid. October 16th, 1859, John Brown had led a group of eighteen men into a small town named Harper’s Ferry in Virginia. His plan was to commence a slave rebellion in the South. He had planned to seize the arms and ammunition in the federal arsenal, to arm slaves in the area so they could defend themselves and start to rebel, and to move south while attracting slaves with his movement’s cause. His plan was basically doomed from the beginning because he knew that his plan could escalate to something beyond control and approached this raid with no escape route or rations. However, it did succeed with deepening the divide between the North and the South. John Brown and his eighteen men marched into Harper’s Ferry, in which the town had no idea, and seized the federal complex with very little resistance. The federal complex had an armory, arsenal and an engine house. He then sent a patrol out into the

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