Essay on Kathmandu Ltd

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PART 1 SWOT Analysis 1.1 Industry Analysis Porter’s five forces analysis is presented as below for industry analysis of Kathmandu: Industry Competition→High | * Leadership in clothing and equipment retail in Australia and New Zealand. * Competitors within this area include | Barriers of entry→Medium-High | * Relatively low level of product design differentiation * High barriers for technically credible products | Threat of substitutes→Medium-High | * A wide variety of other substitute to choose from * The popularity of indoor activities | Bargaining power of customers→Medium | * A broad customer base and the customer spans a wide range of ages and demographics * High customer loyalty to the brand,…show more content…
| Suppliers | Individuals or entities who supplies resource to Kathmandu | Specific interests | * Prompt payment * Long term relationship with Kathmandu * Large size and high value of contracts * High order price | Alignedwith/Opposed toshareholdervalue | Aligned → The growth and prosperity of the firmOpposed → suppliers always seek for higher order price to maximize their profits, which will directly increase Kathmandu’s COGS. | Employees | Any person who works for Kathmandu in return for financial | Specific interests | * Career development * Good pay and working conditions * Promotion prospects * Health and safety | Alignedwith/Opposed toshareholdervalue | Aligned → the success of the company will return high profits which
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