Kathy Buckley Biography

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Imagine growing up and having to deal with strange looks all the time because it is difficult to hear. Often being ignored by parents because they do not understand the situation, or anyone for that matter. Imagine living in a wheelchair at the hospital for a small portion of life. Having an adversity throughout the majority of life is not something many people would take very lightly. However, there are some people who do not want this burden to take over their lives. Kathy Buckley is a powerful woman who has triumphed over many calamities such as being deaf, being run over, and having cancer all before the age of thirty. Kathy was born in a relatively small town by the name of Wickliffe, Ohio. At a very young age, her family began to…show more content…
To her surprise she actually did well. She actually won this contest and thats when her comedy career took off. Kathy decided that she wanted to continue to make people laugh. Kathy did everything from renting comedies, performing routines in her living room, and even enrolling in a comedy class (Griffin). After entering contest after contest, she would eventually move on to the semi-finals and then to the finals. Kathy ended up finishing 4th out of 80 comedians (Griffin). This was the deciding factor that she wanted to make a career out of stand up (Griffin). Once Kathy began to become more popular, she would spend months out on the road doing comedy acts (Griffin). Her first major act was in Las Vegas. She began to appear on television shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Entertainer Tonight, and Touched by an Angel (Griffin). Being a deaf comedian, Kathy could not hear her audience laugh. She was able to feel the laughter through vibrations bouncing off the stage but that was not good enough for her (Hisch). Anne Arundel Community College was the first place Kathy was able to hear laughter. Kathy was at the college to speak due to National Disability Awareness Day (Hirsch). The majority of the audience was made up with people who had disabilities. Many of these people had to listen to Kathy through a sign
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