Katie Schmitt: Passion For Music And Dance

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When it comes psychology there are many different fields of study ranging from clinical psychologists to sports psychologists, with many more fields in between. Though all these studies do different tasks, there is still one thing that puts them all under the same branch; the definition of psychology. In psychology a person will study mental processes, and behavior. A huge part of psychology is watching people, weather they know it or not. When a person watches someone they will write down different items that they notice, and make observations based off of the person of interest. Katie Schmitt is over all a girl that has a passion for music and dance, might seem a little shy in class, but really opens up around her classmates, and loves to not only dress up, but also dress down with a coffee by her side. …show more content…

She truly has a passion for what she does. When she is up on stage, or in practice a person can see the excitement and love she has for it on her face. Katie had done dance for many years before she even came to Wisconsin. Show choir did not become a part of Katie's life until after she got to Holmen, but background in dance is one of the many reasons she decided to try out for show choir. Along with doing show choir at the high school Katie is also part of the school choir, which she shines bright as one of Holmen’s the amazing altos. It's easy for anyone to see that Katie loves to dance, sing, and performing for people to watch and

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