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The horns sound, Katimus jumped out of bed and put her war suit on. The directions were clear, go in and kill Snowus, the leader of the Koreans, and eliminate anyone in your way. As the elevator came to ground level Katimus saw her group had the hardest job of all assassinating Snowus. As they stepped off the elevator the air was hazy from the heat. Once a proud pristine building were just ashes on the ground, everything was covered in black soot. She could see forgotten bodies lying in the dirt. Their families probably didn't even know. Squads moved out, the leader was in the center of what once was the Colorado University. As they slowly surround the building, a hellish rain of bombs drops on their heads. Luke, Jacinda, and
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She grabbed her bow and arrow and walked in the room with Snowus she loaded it and shot him. One of his hench men shot a bullet towards her she dodged it with incredible speed, but the next went towards Luke. She jumped towards him taking it in her stomach. As the other soldiers came in the enemy was soon eliminated. Luke looked over at Katimus she was being tended by Hygenia and her family. They quickly healed the wound. From the sky came her mother Artemis. She laid a golden bow in her hand.

“My daughter you are a hero not only did you save America but you sacrificed yourself for that young man. That is an act of a true hero.”

“Thank you mom that means a lot!”

“I will be back to see you again soon go on now”

The Road Back

With the war over, all the soldiers packed their bags and headed back to where they came from. Katimus said goodbye to the Battle Axe and everyone she met. As she boarded the plane she thought about Luke. When she arrived home, she was a war hero. The paper and everyone wanted to talk to her. The town built a statue of her called The Girl Who Saved America. She soon returned to school the same old routine, just without Connor and Clare. She no longer had to worry about lies.

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