Katniss Challenges

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Can you imagine being put in an arena, where you fight to the death while others watch for enjoyment? This is the situation the main character of the Hunger Games is being put in. Katniss Everdeen volunteered for her sister to be put into the game known as the Hunger Games. This game is quite brutal as it is where people watch children ages 12-18 fight to the death. This girl faces many hardships and challenges throughout the book. These include the reapings, the actual games, and the leader of her area, President Snow. All of these things challenged Katniss throughout her experience of competing in the annual Hunger Games.

Think about a girl your age being brave enough to volunteer to be in these terrifying games. Katniss did this for her younger sister, Prim. I think this is a big challenge for Katniss. Seeing your little sister being put into the games would be very difficult, but I don’t think volunteering for her would be easier. It takes a lot of courage and it proves she’s very caring and loves her family a lot. The next thing that happened at the reaping was the drawing of the baker's son, Peeta. Peeta and Katniss have issues throughout the book, including falling in love. The reapings began the whole start of the challenges and they continue to grow harder and harder.
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Other people in the games are obviously a restriction, figuring the game is mostly made for people to kill other people. Some of the things that was a challenge for Katniss was one of her allies, Rue, dying and The Careers, a group of players that are out to defeat her. The makers of the game also have many obstacles that make winning the Hunger Games very difficult. Walls of fire and a type of bug called tracker jackers were two things Katniss came upon on her journey of the game. Katniss faces many more challenges throughout the book as well. Seeing how difficult this experience was for Katniss makes you wonder who set this
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