Katniss Everdeen Character Analysis

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In many works of literature, it is often a crucial component for characters to sacrifice opportunities that arise in their lives in order to help loved ones. In Suzanne Collin’s “The Hunger Games,” protagonist Katniss Everdeen sacrifices the chance to live her own life in order for her sister, Primrose Everdeen, to not experience potential death in the arena. Another character that has similar attributes to Katniss Everdeen would be Pari II in Khaled Hosseini’s, “And the Mountains Echoed.” This novel depicts a strong relationship between parents and a daughter that results in missed opportunities due to the health risks that have developed in the parents. The fundamental values of such a character have developed through years of witnessing…show more content…
As a resident of California, Pari II decided to apply for a prestigious art school along the east coast. Upon review of her application and transcripts, Pari II got accepted. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but she decided to turn down the offer after learning that her mother had developed ovarian cancer. Pari II expressed that “art school can wait,” but the internal conflict that she dealt with suggested otherwise. Pari II knew that it would most likely be her only opportunity to attend such a distinguished institution, but sacrificing her future career due to the lack of financial costs for a caretaker was far more important. As time progresses throughout the novel and Pari II develops into a young woman, her mother loses her battle with cancer. Her father develops dementia shortly after her mother’s death, and Pari II has to learn to deal with her father’s erratic behavior. Pari II has come to the conclusion that attending art school may never happen, but still suffers through this great sacrifice in her life. Traditional family values consist of caring for others when one is unable to care for themselves. This coincides with the deliberate act of sacrifice that Pari II has
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