Katniss Everdeen In The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins

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The Hunger Games is a 2008 science fiction book by Suzanne Collins. The main character Katniss Everdeen, is a sixteen -year- old girl who hunts and gathers fruits to fend for her mother and her little sister Prim (Collins 2). She has a best friend, Gale who also like Katniss, has to look for food for his siblings. Katniss loves her sister to an extend she volunteers in taking her place a tribute girl in the reaping festival. She dislikes the regime in District 12 and the killer festivities. She later on meets Paate Mellark who is a boy tribute and was torn between him and Gale.
The story takes place in District 12. Katniss prepares herself to go hunting as her mother and sister depend on her for daily food. She carries her arrow and bow, goes
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Paate is among them and that is when she realizes that he had distracted her on purpose. She knows that he is not trustworthy, but she is not frightened by the findings. She partners with Rue, who had helped her previously in fighting the rich tributes. They together set traps for their enemy and suddenly, Rue gets shot. Katniss kills the tribute boy who had shot Rue (Collins 39). Katniss finds Paate has been injured. She takes care of him, and they realize that they are in love. He recovers, and they start hunting and gathering, all this while, Katniss is thinking of Gale. The rivers dry up, and the other tributes leave in search of water. The two nurse their wounds as the gamekeeper announces that indeed two people can win the game. The novel ends with Katniss not sure of who she…show more content…
She loved her sister so much; she was risking her life by participating in the festive. The book has a good flow, and though it is a science fictional, some encounters can happen in a real life situation, it is commendable.
This book shows that the family unit is very important, and people should stand by each other in every situation, like Katniss stood by Prim in the reaping festive. Katniss, though being just a young girl, she ensured that they had food in the house, and this shows how responsible she was. On a different note, when Katniss remembered the coach’s words, she ignored and went ahead to get the bow and arrow that she missed. She later on suffers from dehydration. Therefore, arrogance is not an admirable trait.
The wealthy people in the Capitol take advantage of the poor and force their children to participate in a deadly festival. In the midst of all this, there are still good people such as Madge in the rich families who still have sympathy and are compassionate.
In the beginning, Katniss is just an ordinary girl in District 12; no one thinks that she could be the strong girl that she was. She was strong and determined to change the situation in the Capitol. Her actions proved that the reaping festive was not only a ceremony but an inhumane
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