Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games

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She is a tough, self-sufficient, extremely loyal girl whose childhood was cut short by responsibility. After her father died, her mother sank into a deep depression, so it was up to Katniss to feed the family. One evening, she was going through others' trash in desperation when Peeta Mellark purposefully burned bread from his family's bakery and gave it to her. She feels like she owes him for that action, because after that she realizes the forest will be how to feed her family. She and her friend Gale regularly hunt wild game and gather food, selling some and keeping some for their families. Katniss dearly loves her younger sister Prim, so much so that she volunteers to go to the Hunger Games in Prim's place. Though Katniss could very easily feel bitter towards her more sheltered sister, instead she is fiercely protective of her. During the Games, this protectiveness transfers to another young tribute named Rue who Katniss grows very close too and mentors as she were an older sister to Rue.

Katniss has an edge over many of the other tributes because she often lives not knowing if she is going to make it through the night. For years she has been responsible for the life or death of her family. She was devastated by the death of her father, though she recalls many of his fine talents and qualities. Throughout the training and the Games, she fights against feeling friendship for Peeta Mellark because she knows…
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