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“ I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute.” Says Katniss Everdeen, the main character in my book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins . Has someone that you love ever been in danger? Prim Rose Everdeen has been chosen as the girl tribute for district 12. Her older sister Katniss volunteers in her place because of how much she cares about her . Katniss Everdeen is Prim’s sister and also the main character in the book “The Hunger Games.”, by Suszanne Collins. This an action packed distopian book that show what the world could be like in the upcoming years if we don’t fix our culture. I believe that Katniss is a brave and courageous person and that love for someone can overcome anything.

This story is unique in that Katniss has taken on the role as mother and caregiver for her sister, Prim. Her mother doesn’t have time to take care of Prim so the role was passed on to Katniss. Spending so much time together causes Katniss to
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I didn’t realize that she hunted and cared for her family because her mother has stopped caring for the family since her husband who died when Katniss was 11. Katniss provides everything for her mom and sister. Some people would have left and stopped caring for them but she loved them enough to stay.

In the book “ The Hunger Games” there is many examples of symbolism. One of the main symbols is fire. In the first hunger games that Katniss is in her cape is set on fire with fake fire that looks very real. Throughout the book and series they refer back to Katniss as, “ The Girl on Fire.”. All of her future outfits have fire included in them to show symbolism throughout the whole series. One other symbol is the Mocking Jay. This bird is a huge part of this series. In this book Rue teaches Katniss a mocking Jay call which is whistle that all of the people in districts 1-12 call out while holding up 3
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