Katrina Kat Green Analysis

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Katrina "Kat" Green was a longtime friend of the family and a well-respected woman about town. She had money and power and resources and connections. The town was completely in her grasp, but she was kind, and it belonged there. She never exploited her power, and she had plenty of it.

The death of her family at a young age prompted her to become independent, nearly immediately. She decided she would not be a victim and she asserted control over her life. She practically had the entire groundwork of her business established before graduating college, so all she had to do was step into the template of her new life. By 24, her supermarket was the heart of the city, providing her with enough cash to venture out in every conceivable avenue. In a few years, she had her hands in everything from farming to railroads to
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She was always the smartest person in the room. She always got what she wanted, easily, but she didn't really want anything. Nobody had any power over her, which was absolutely dreadful and boring.

She had managed to turn this dreadful boringness into accommodating politeness. Everything she did was for someone else. She sometimes thought of the townspeople as her children that needed help and purpose and structure and meaning, (but never with an ounce of superiority or judgment), yet at the same time, she looked at them, as a whole, as a husband or lover. The culmination of their identities was an identity in itself, and that was her other half, for which she lived.

She didn't differentiate between the role of mother or lover, and alternated between the roles. She didn't live for her own thrill or amusement; instead, she focused on others, giving them what they needed or helping them to become independent. She provided jobs and purpose for over half the city.

Only a very keen eye would have detected her beautiful sadness.

Ana, on the other hand, was simply
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