Katz Theory Of Informed Consent Essay

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According to Faden and Beauchamp, what is the difference between Sense1 and Sense2 of informed consent? According to Faden and Beauchamp, Sense1 is informed consent as autonomous authorization which is “informed consent suggests that a patient or subject does more than express agreement with, acquiesce in, yield tom or comply with an arrangement or a proposal” (289). While Sense 2 is informed-consent as effective consent and is stated as, “a policy-oriented sense whose conditions are not derivable solely from the analyses of autonomy and authorization” (210).

What do Faden and Beauchamp think is the necessary element of true informed consent? Authorization is the element of true informed consent which is defined as, “the
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How does Katz respond to the three claims traditionally used to support paternalism? Katz states, “the conviction that physicians should decide what is best for their patients, and, therefore, that the authority and power to do so should remain bested in them, continued to have deep hold on the practices of the medical profession “(214).

What approach to informed consent does Katz advocate?
Katz states this about informed consent, “to suggest that informed consent with remain a fairy tale as long as the idea of joint decisionmaking, based on commitment to paint autonomy and self-determination, does not become an integral aspect of the ethos of medicine and the law of informed consent” (222). What does Levine mean when he says that the informed consent standards of the Declaration of Helsinki are not universally valid? In the text, Levine states, “widely endorsed by nations of the world, reflects a uniquely Western view of the nature of the person; as such it does not adequately guide investigators in ways to show respect for all persons in the world”
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