Kava-Kava: A Possible Solution for Stress and Anxiety Essay

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Throughout life, we each experience the anxiety of the unknown and the inevitable stress of our responsibilities combined with our limited supply of time. New technology, a strong economy, and increased competitiveness for jobs in the work force seem to usher in increased stress and anxiety. Although many dismiss this as a natural part of life, the health arena asserts the detrimental side effects of continual stress upon one’s body. In fact, "experts attribute almost 60 percent of doctor visits to stress-related ailments, including high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer (http://www.doctorcass.com/html/kava_book.html)." In the past, the only mainstream options for treating excessively harmful stress and anxiety were prescription drugs, …show more content…
In addition, substantiated clinical studies and reviews from peer-reviewed journals must be summoned to validate the value of Kava-Kava as a candidate to fill the role of an alternative to anti-anxiety psychiatric treatments.


Originating from the South Pacific as a favorite drink of the Pacific Islanders, the plant known as Kava-Kava (Pipper Methysticum Forster) is a member of the pepper family. The brownish root of the plant, known as Waka, is sun-dried, ground into powder, and mixed with water to create the therapeutic drink known by the name of the plant, Kava-Kava (http://www.kavakure.com/WHATISKA.htm). Although only recently advertised in the United States, Kava-Kava, also known as awa and yaquona, has been used for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders as a ceremonial drink, social beverage, and therapeutic elixir for relaxation and anti-anxiety. In these cultures, the drink is often drunk by elite chiefs and elders and commonly used for both official and social events, sacred rituals, and for welcoming special guests (http://lavakava.com/aboutkava.htm). However, white man did not discover the drink until Captain Cook’s voyage in 1768-1771 lead to an encounter with Kava at sacred ceremonies (http://lavakava.com/aboutkava.htm). Many years later, in 1995, Killham of Lincoln, Massachusetts finally convinced an American herbal company, Pure World, Inc. to begin

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