Kay Boyle's Astronomer's Wife

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Astronomer’s Wife
Plot Summary
Kay Boyle’s “The Astronomer’s Wife” is a brief story about a women’s dissatisfaction with her husband and her life. It Begins with Mrs. Katherine Ames waking up in her villa. She called for her maidservant to bring her some coffee as she begun to think about her husband, the astronomer. The maidservant then interrupted her thinking by telling her that the plumber had arrived. Mrs. Ames repeated herself, “I am Mrs. Ames… I am Mrs. Ames” to call for the plumber. She showed the plumber to a room that has flooded. The plumber examines the flooded room and remarked that it was the “soil line” was responsible for the plugged drain. While the plumber headed outside to look at the pipes, the astronomer yelled at
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It is because Mr. Ames find more interest in his profession than he does in his wife, clearly is the cause of his wife’s dissatisfaction. Every scene in the story is well described in words. All the details and descriptions help enrich the story. The major characters involved are Mrs. Ames and the plumber. The husband is mostly described by the wife, but he is only the minor character as he is not physically involved in the story. Meanwhile, the maidservant girl is another character which only involved in few scenes throughout the story. The story didn’t describe that Mr. and Mrs. Ames are in a relationship trouble, but the expressions, actions, and thoughts described is a clear indication of a marriage conflict. Even neither the plumber nor Mrs. Ames mention anything about them being interested in each other, but mostly described by the narrating that it is more than just a plumbing problem. Mrs. Ames describe her relationship with Mr. Ames is by talking about him. Although Mrs. Ames didn’t show directly of how she feel about her husband in the story, but is the way she speaks of him in front of the plumber. The couples are actually quite young, but the way they are described makes them look like they are in there fifties, where they seem like too old for any changes in their life.

The literature contains a lot more than we could expect. The story is actually quite simple, yet there is so much detail within
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