Kayapo Tribe Case Study

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The Kayapo tribe is not the only tribe dealing with land issues and problems with the Brazilian government, as well as surrounding countries’ governments. There are over 150 tribes that are native to Brazil, and around 90% of those tribes live in or around the Amazon Basin. Many of these tribes, including the Kayapo, have been having land ownership issues with outsiders trying to use native land. Since Europeans arrived in Brazil over 100 years ago, native tribes have experienced mass genocide, and seizure of most of their land. The main problem, and a problem resembling all other issues that have faced the Kayapo tribe, is that a large company called “Eletrobras” is pushing alongside the Brazilian government to try to build a massive dam in the outskirts of Kayapo territory. The government has done nothing but encourage…show more content…
There are already multiple dams surrounding indigenous groups in Brazil, and this specific dam is not projected to be as efficient as other dams in Brazil because of the Xingu River’s fluctuating water flow. So far the Brazilian Government has not approved the construction of the dam but, even with outspoken opposition from all surrounding indigenous groups, the Kayapo fear that the Government will eventually approve construction without their consent. With the help of the NGO’s and organizations called upon in this paper, the Kayapo would also like to create a policy that places harsher punishments on unwanted trespassers of the lands, and has some sort of border control to weed out some trespassers. Laws like this have been passed before, but local law enforcement have not been pressed to enforce these particular laws. The Kayapo proposes that the old laws be conformed to give incentive to people that keep illegal trespassers from getting into indigenous territory. These laws would also include some sort of surveillance of land owned by the
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