Kayie: A Fictional Narrative

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Her eyes opened and there was a bright light. She squinted, looking around the room. All white, everything was white. She sat up and got out of her bed, which was white, the sheets white. She stood and immediately her head pounded, her head searing and the room spinning, and she had a new view, a view of the floor, which of course, was white. Suddenly people were lifting her off of the floor, placing her back on the bed, pulling the white covers over her.
“How…” She tried to speak, but she couldn’t finish the thought.
“Shh, there now, go back to sleep. You’re safe now. That’s the important thing.” She tried to stay awake, sit back up, find out more, but she quickly drifted back into sleep.

Later, she woke again. This time, there was no blinding
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“Well, I guess my first question is, where are we?”
“Kaylie, I’m sorry, but the first question you ask, I am not at liberty to answer. Any other questions?”
“Yes, who are you?”
“Kaylie, you are not allowed to know just yet, as a precaution. Do you happen to have any other questions?”
“What’s my real name?” The woman sighed.
“Kaylie. Kaylie is your real name.”
“It doesn’t feel right. Besides, you’re lying. Your voice changed just the slightest when you answered. Kaylie clearly isn’t my real name.”
“Kaylie, what name do you think fits you? What do you think your name is?”
“I don’t know, but a weeping willow keeps appearing in my mind. I don’t understand how it could significant or relevant.”
“Do you remember anything from before you woke the first time.” She thought for a few minutes.
“Faces. That’s all, just faces and the names that match them. Mom, Dad, Ginny, Jeremy, and…” She struggled to find the next name. “Pineapple, the dog. We had a dog that was a runt. She was so small and she had blonde fur, so we named her Pineapple.” She stopped when she heard a sharp intake of breath from the woman. “Did I say something bad or
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“Wipe her immediately. She remembers too much.”
“Yes sir.”
“Wait, what’s happening?” she asked. The man in the tuxedo left, leaving the nurse in there with her.
“Just relax and this will all be over soon.” She looked around wondering what was happening and when she looked back to the nurse, the nurse had a syringe in her hand, a firm grip on her upper arm. She tried to get away, but couldn’t. The syringe went into her arm and she promptly fell unconscious.

She woke again, her vision blurred, a bright light on.
This feels strangely déjà vu.
What? This hasn’t happened before has it?
Now, when they ask if you remember anything from before you woke up, say you can’t remember anything.
But I do remember things.
Oh. My. Gosh. Do I really have to spell it out for you? These people are your enemy. I am your friend. I am your instinct. I remember things you don’t. Okay, well, I don’t actually remember them, but I still learn from them. Take the IV out of your arm, but keep it under your blanket! You don’t want them to see. Now, before you look around, I’ll tell you what’s around you. Everything is white. White, white, white. You get it. NOW TAKE OUT THE IV BEFORE THEY COME INTO THE ROOM. You can hear them coming down the hallway! Process your surroundings! She quickly took the IV out of her arm, and an alarm sounded. The footsteps in the hall became faster, and the door opened. Two people
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