Kay's Response To Social Studies

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Kay’s initial responses to the primary source revealed that although she could read and understand the individual words, she was unable to make sense of them because she did not understand the historical relevance and the context of when the letter was written. However she was able to express her thoughts and her thinking with regards to what she read. Although Kay lacked full comprehension of what she was reading, she was able to formulate some thoughts about what she believed was happening and why Mr. Douglass had written the letter. Her ability to effectively engage directly connects to the Alabama Course of Study (ACOS) English Language Arts standard 4.32. This standard emphasizes the ability to “explain their own ideas and understanding.” Kay was able to draw certain conclusions about what was happening to blacks during this time period. Although she was off by more than one hundred years, she connect that at some point in history blacks or “different colors of people” were not treated equitably. This demonstrates that some level of background knowledge with this student exists, in regards, to Social Studies. Furthermore, there is a scaffolding of knowledge being formed within her which directly connects to ACOS Social Studies standard 4.6. This…show more content…
Douglass was saying in the original letter. It is interesting to observe the disconnect when comparing the primary and adapted responses. There was a lack of comprehension in the beginning as to what was gained in second reading. Although she still could not accurately determine the time in either reading, she was able to determine the crux of the issue and why Mr. Douglass had taken the time to compose the letter. Additionally, her simplistic words of “how rude it is,” was somewhat profound. Her thinking seemingly was grounded in the generic belief of how one should or should not treat
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