Kaysen In The Hospital

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I found this quote to be very accurate, Kaysen being in the hospital she was free for the price of no privacy, no liberty, and no dignity. For example on page 94, “as long as we were willing to be upset, we didn’t have to get jobs or got to school.” In the ward, they had more privileges than I even have today, no school, no jobs, and no homework. They didn’t have to do anything that provided for their futures. Would life be so bad in a mental hospital after all? All you would have to do is act like your crazy or pretend you’re depressed. If I had this choice I don’t think I ever would though, but some people might. In the hospital you would be stress-free, but all of this has a price. Kaysen was able to get out of everything except eating and taking medication.…show more content…
In the hospital, Kaysen was free to make any choices as she pleased. Being in there however, meant being watched 24/7 which is not much freedom in my opinion. In the hospital you were allowed to wear a belt, have a shaver, and even long fingernails after being there awhile. In the hospital you had a choice, to recover or spend the rest of your life there. When Kaysen recovered and was let out of the institution finding a job was very difficult. Where ever she applied to they looked at her past and saw that she was admitted to the hospital so she often had to try many places. Where ever you are either in a mental hospital or in the real world you are never really “free” no matter what there are prices to pay for your considered
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