Kazu Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

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Throughout Kazu Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go, he choices to depict children as outsiders to the world which can be furthered by the setting in Britain’s countryside because it helps give a sense distance from true reality. In the framework throughout his novel Ishiguro focuses on three main characters Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy. These three students are seen by others to have an advantage because they were lucky enough to be raised at Hailsham by the guardians. Over the watchful eye of the Guardians the children were able to grow accustom to being different than others. This can be seen when the characters all mature and grow after they leave Hailsham and become accustomed to life at the cottages. There newly found freedoms at the …show more content…
This was the tipping point for teachers at Hailsham because now their work was in the spotlight and outsiders did not support their methods. This directly correlates with the closing of Hailsham because it questions the motives behind schools like Hailsham and their ultimate goal of education. One major worry for society at this time in the novel is that these cloned children will eventually replace normal ones in everyday life.
Throughout the novel the fear of the unknown stands outs not just to the outside world and their perceptions of clones but also the children growing up at Hailsham The most common criticism that is raised to cloning in general is that it entitles one to start playing God. Throughout the novel, Ishiguro examines many other ways that individuals might play God. This can be seen when Chrissie and Rodney try to change their fate by getting a deferral while in return they are playing God much to the extent the scientists who created them in the first place were. The organ donation program was started in the first place on the idea that the clones owe their lives to society, and should be prepared to sacrifice themselves later in their life. Thus at any given time the clones should be ready for their job which designates them to lose some organ. Madame further emphasizes the life a clone during her meeting with Tommy and Kathy by
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