Keanna's Short Story

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This informal tradition with Keanna started one Sunday afternoon. We had been in the kitchen playing music on my portable speaker, when “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse began to play. We shared a look, then both smiling we hopped up from the counter, grabbed the nearest kitchen utensils that we could find, and began to belt out the lyrics. There we spent the next twenty minutes, spinning around, our arms spread wide. We continued singing, song after song, until our voices became hoarse and eventually we doubled over onto the floor, unable to contain our laughter. Since then, whenever either one of us is feeling down, we will turn up “Valerie” as loud as the speaker will go, and we sing.

Several years ago, if someone would have told me that my now closest friend would be a Texas transplant with ultra conservative views, I would most likely assume you were
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I will admit that I struggle with overcommitting myself to extra curricular and often times I find myself coming to Keanna for consolation. She has always given me a sort of tough love which at first I struggled to accept, however, now I am deeply appreciative of. As a result of her tough love, I now ask myself if any issue I have can be easily resolved before I break down. Another very important thing that i’ve cultivated throughout our friendship is the ability to share your beliefs while also being open to hearing and understanding those of others. This recent election has brought out a very clear divide between our beliefs systems and we have had several arguments regarding the topic. But what we soon realized, is that due to our headstrong qualities, neither one of us was going to wave our white flag. So rather than arguing and reaching a dead end, we decided that what’s most important is that we listen to each others side of the story and avoiding trying to convert each others beliefs. This lesson has helped me in so many ways outside of our
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