Keats' Attitude Toward Art Revealed in His Poetry Essay

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Keats' Attitude Toward Art Revealed in His Poetry

In order to be able to comprehend John Keats attitude toward art it is highly important to be aware of what he considers art to be. If it’s true art, it is certainly very beautiful and not heading toward becoming any worse in the future since “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever” ( Endymion: A poetic Romance). Art is simply frozen in time. However, a piece of art can not be taken as wonderful unless it has been adored by numerous people over a very long period of time. Since Keats tends to be focused on images, pictures and symbols he pays most of his attention to paintings, architecture or sculptures. Basically, he obviously prefers stable physical
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Keats seems to respect art because of its complexity and power shown by the fact that a picture is better than thousand words as “heard melodies are sweeter, but those unheard sweeter” (Ode on a Grecian Urn). Art, according to Keats, can be also very helpful by giving us foresightedness and a new perspective so we can look at the worlds with “eagle eyes” just like “ Cortez…star’d at the Pacific” (On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer) Moreover, art itself can act as a cure or medicine by carrying our thoughts away from unnecessary daily problems. On the other hand, the fact that art can distract us doesn’t necessarily need to be beneficial for us. It can actually become very frustrating and cause “a burning forehead, and a parching tongue” (Ode on a Grecian Urn). This makes art rather oxymoronic, because it can be gorgeous and depressing at the same time.

Just like art, John Keats adored and respected the artists who created great beauty. He believed that those who were truly devoted to art and finding the truth will become famous as opposed to those who only sought for fame because “[fame] will not speak to those who have learned to be content without her” (On fame). Finding the truth was a very important aspect for Keats because he believed that “beauty is truth and
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