Keda Case Analysis

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Keda Case Analysis

1) Value Chain

SUPPORT Organization– ERP supports tightly knit collaboration among different departments.
Departmental boundaries are replaced by streamline data flows & integrated business processes.

Human Resources- Management, department heads, IT staff and users worked as a team.
Keda provided high customization across increasingly diverse product lines to meet client needs.

Technology- Technology is integrated to support all primary activities. ERP enables flow of information across department, so timely and strategic decisions are made.

Purchasing – Technology enabled right estimates and timely access of raw materials. Stocking could be limited
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The key users were at the core, the consultants acted as coaches and the IT officers provided task support to users and consultants. Vital representatives such as departmental managers and essential operational staff possessed comprehensive understanding of the operations and needs of the department. Top management would provide overall project direction and make critical decisions; consulting support would be provided by personnel from Digital China; project managers would be assigned from both KEDA and Digital China; departmental representatives would oversee the business process design and system design aspects; and the IT department would provide all necessary technical support.
Each ERP system module was assigned an owner from the associated department, who was fully responsible for the workflow and operational details of the module. The key users ensured that the system’s design correctly reflected business practices, and they also played a crucial role in training users within their respective departments. Manager from each department worked closely with the IT department.
Determined team effort was a beneficial and essential part of project success. Involving all the stakeholders helped limit resistance and endless changes once the system went live. The key involvement of all the stakeholders throughout the ERP implementation process helped make timely changes to the system and avoid any surprises in the end. IT
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