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------------------------------------------------- Case Study ------------------------------------------------- Keda 's SAP Implementation Company Overview Keda Company Logo Keda was founded in 1992 as a small manufacturer of ceramics machinery in Shunde, China. At that time, the ceramics industry was mostly dominated by Europe. Hence, Keda modeled its business processes after them and enjoyed rapid growth in China during the 1990s. And so, with a successfully tested and proven business model provided, Keda flourished. In less than a decade, It became one of the top 500 national machinery manufacturers and a top 10 materials machinery enterprise in the world. It officially became listed in 2002 with a total reported revenue of…show more content…
As the multiple plants under Keda were not linked, very little information flowed between them. Timely and ------------------------------------------------- holistic business decisions are affected as a result. ------------------------------------------------- d. Keda was very much unable to meaningfully assess cost and profitability potential. This got worse as time ------------------------------------------------- passed. ------------------------------------------------- e. Inventory management problems with Keda finding it difficult to keep track of its own products and stocks. Keda 's IT Dept in the Early Years * Keda’s first attempt in computerization began in 2000. With no overarching direction, roadmap and needs addressed to the company. The needs were addressed as they emerged with no overall strategic goal in mind. To the company, the dept was just created “for the sake of being created”. * Their IT department than had no real projects aimed to make the Company more efficient. * Keda 's initial IT infrastructure eventually made the need to upgrade and reinforce it more evident. In-house vs. Outsource In-House After KEDA deciding to implement computerization, what was their plan? Which one was the priority project in the plan/blueprint? * KEDA worked out a six-month plan / IT blueprint which
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