Keda 's Sap Implementation Process

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Keda’s SAP Implementation is the restructuring that the company needed to go through to expand and be more productive with the products they were creating. At first the company had a lot of problems with keeping track of inventory and how much a product cost to be made. The system they had could not keep up with the growth of the company. They needed a new system or they would continue to lose money fast. To start off they looked at where the system that they had went wrong. It was that fact that the system didn’t cover multi-product production. This was killing them in the long run so they decided they needed a change. They looked at 20 different management systems and had them all come in to present their product. Keda also had them give reverences that proved that the product worked. Keda used this as a learning opportunity to figure out what work and didn’t with other companies. They wanted a system that was customizable to their products and the system that they wanted. There were nine systems that could work for their company they decided on SAP as the winner. They then start to work their way through the system so that it would work with ever department so everyone knew what their job was and who they need to work with to do it. They created a management structure for each department, they then invited those heads to work with the IT department to make the system able to talk between each department. The manager didn’t like this at first because they had to work

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