Keep Sports In Schools Essay

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Keep Sports In Schools!! Have you ever thought about how most schools have a perfect field for playing soccer or football, but don´t have team to play on that field? School work is becoming harder and harder each year. Kids are being held to tougher academic standards. This is why schools need sports more than ever. Schools should not get rid of their sports programs because most parents can not afford sports outside of school, and school sports improve academic rates. Schools should not get rid of school sports programs because most parent can afford sports outside of schools. According to the article Should Schools Keep Sports, it states,”Yes club sports that is, private leagues outside of school would be an option for some but fees,…show more content…
In the article Should School Keep Sports it says,¨Today studies show that school with big athletics programs tend to have lower dropout rates.¨ Also the article states.¨A 2012 study by the Datalys Center found that young athletes have higher scores in math and English, that those who don't participate in sports.¨ Lastly the article said,¨The ancient Greeks understood that to discipline the body was to discipline the mind.¨ says do you know how in movies you have to have good grades to play on a team of some sort. Well a school called Rockford Public School has dropped their GPA rates to 2.0, when other schools have a much higher rate. This means that you can have bad grades and still play sports. Lastly, schools need sports they can help with students academic scores. Also, test have shown real evidence proving kids have better grades when they play school sports. In Conclusion, if parents and the district ever came to an agreement the boundaries should be the district should pay for the buses and the equipment. The parent should pay for the uniforms (if not too many students), also a small fee for their child at the beginning of the season. If the district does not want to bring back their school sports than they will have to suffer the following consequences: student will continue to get bad grades and failing classes. Alos, more and more students will drop out of school.
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