Keep Their Current Job

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want to keep their current job. Violations of certain safety and environmental rules will get employees banned from government property thereby resulting in job loss or relocation and put the organization as a whole under a microscope regarding business practices. The administrative department is responsible for maintaining these training records. In addition to maintaining the training records the HR staff must be able to produce the proof of a particular training session with only a short notice. All new employees must receive the required annual training within the first 90 days of arrival to the organization. It is the human resource department’s responsibility to ensure that this occurs. Safety and environmental training are often…show more content…
This is because the company is only authorized a certain amount of personnel to begin with so in order for the organization to get the best bang for its buck some of the lower level job positions were combined with higher level positions and employees in the lower positions received promotions. This change helped to offset the cost of hiring new talent to fill those upper level positions and the laying off of lower level employees in positions the company no longer found useful. Throughout this process the human resources department along with other department managers were responsible for ensuring that the new job descriptions accurately portrayed the work the needed to be done and that employees had the proper certifications to perform the tasks required in the new position. This leads me to the topic of staffing. Staffing within “The Group” is a becoming somewhat of a concern especially since several employees are expected to retire in the next year. There are rumors of a change in the company’s overall mission. Instead of working to maintain and repair the current equipment inventory, the company may shift to more of a support role for new companies that want to store and repair equipment themselves at “The Group”. The change in mission will result in a need for the completion of job analyses to help prevent employee from leaving the company due to the change
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