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The Effective Provision of Pre-school Education (EPPE) The effective provision of pre-school education (EPPE) project is a longitudinal study that investigates the care and development of young children from age three to seven years. It focuses on the effects of children in different types of preschool provision and concentrates on their intellectual, social and behavioural characteristics. It also focuses on factors affecting the child’s development such as interaction between child, family and their preschool environment (Melhuish, E. And Petrogiannis, K, 2006). In order to investigate the characteristics of pre school the EPPE team collected a wide range of information on more than 3000 children from 141pre school centres. They…show more content…
In order to improve their work with young children practitioners use their own learning by using ways of work that are non-judgemental, sensitive and positive. Therefore, practitoners through initial on-going training and development need to develop, and demonstrate and continuously improve a number of things in their work. They may have to work with the wider community such as parents and carers and also with other professionals with inside and outside the setting. They may have to improve on their relationships with both the children and their parents and develop a knowledge and understanding of the diverse ways that children can learn in order to support and extend children’s learning across all areas and aspects of learning (Leicestershire County Council). KEEP has been developed to evaluate and improve local authority training and support, it needs to be used by practitioners and settings to identify their development needs and effectiveness on early years learning. However it is also based on improving practice through self-evaluation and reflection (KEEP: Key Elements of Effective Practice, pdf). Reference List EPPE Authority of the House of Commons (2010) House of Commons: Children, schools and families committee: Sure Start Children’s Centre. Fifth Report of session 2009-10. Volume 1. London: The Stationery Office Limited. Department for Education (2012) Early Learning and Childcare: Evidence and Research,
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