Keeping A Journal Analysis

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Keeping a journal is something that most people don’t do, including myself. In today’s busy world, very few people take the time to write down their ideas and life experiences. Most of what is captured in pictures nowadays. I’ve always liked the idea of keeping a journal. It has a personal sense to it that nothing can compare to. It’s almost as if you’re taking strands of your life and putting it into a book that becomes a part of you. Keeping a journal has its benefits as well. It allows someone to improve their writing skills little by little. Learning how to organize thoughts and to thoroughly express feelings can greatly improve writing skills. In keeping this journal, I hope to do exactly that. The best way to become better at anything is to practice and to be patient. Writing in a daily journal may be one of the best ways to improve English and writing skills. It puts in hours of practice being that it is written in everyday and is constantly looked over all the time. Mistakes can be made and can be learnt from. It doesn’t cost anything to mess up on an own,…show more content…
It seems that nobody has their own, personal say in things. They rather just jump into the most popular wagon. Collecting ideas and thoughts in a journal helps distinguish a person’s opinions from the rest of a crowd’s. Writing in a journal that allows me talk about anything I want gives me a lot of freedom which also allows me to respond in any kind of way. My opinion becomes my own and not the product of influences of society. Exposing myself to various subjects and different ideas and responding to them gives me a bigger insight of just how much a person’s opinion means. It defines someone and adds to a personality. This journal that I am writing is helping me discover who I am and just what I stand and don’t stand for. Writing down how I feel and reflecting upon it gives me a sense of being myself. It is certainly
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