Keeping Away Confrontation : A Competitive Level Of Problem Solution

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At the level of avoiding, the individual essentially rejects to settle on a choice. As Kilmann cautions that this is an especially frail reaction to conflict, however that it can be fitting in circumstances where the result does not make a difference. Some other time to utilize this level is when there is an individual more qualified to settle on the choice yet he needs motivation force to venture into an initiative part. This strategy is advantage for keeping away confrontation. It is also suitable choice in circumstances where it is truly best for you to stay silent. It gives some times to focus on more serious or essential problems. However, there are some disadvantages in this stage such as issues is not solve and will continue to…show more content…
However, there is a need for each individual to leave something and it does not establish powerful feelings about issues. Collaborating is the direct inverse of avoiding. Collaborating includes an initiative to work with others to discover some arrangement that completely fulfils their concerns. It aims to explore an issue to identify the fundamental wants and needs of the two people. Collaborating between two people may appear as investigating a difference to know from each other 's experience or attempting to find an inventive answer for an interpersonal issue. This strategy is helpful when it comes to solving the real issues. It also provides a win-win outcome, mutual respect and trust, positive relationships between all parties, which are very important in work environment. Since it does not lead to circumstances where somebody wins while some other loses, it maintains the peace in the organisation. However, it takes a lot of time and it is not suitable in the circumstance where there is short time to solve the conflict. The most beneficial method that Osama ought to take is the collaborative mode of conflict because of the Douglas Macarthur X-Y theory that was discussed in class. The reason is that the Y theory is better for the reasons that the director gives the chance to the individuals to give their
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