Keeping Data Stored On The Cloud Storage System

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To study a system which will help to secure data stored on the cloud storage system. This system may be helpful to for users who wants secure thier data as well as for companies who wants to give access permission to limited data to their employees and secure their data in cloud storage system.
Document Conventions
All requirements specified are arranged as per priorities.
Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
This document can be used by various stakeholders like developers, project managers, marketing staff, users, testers, and documentation writers.
Product Scope Proposed system contains the following main modules.
• User Registration.
• Encryption of secret key to be share.
• Encryption of files to be uploaded.
• Generate hash value.
• Cloud storage service account creation.
• Validation of encrypted file.
• Decryption of secret key.
• Decryption of files using Secret key.

4.3.2 Overall Description
Product Perspective
The main purpose of the project is to provide security for cloud storage system and handle the dynamic operation by owner.
Project Function Authentication of User and CSP

• Encryption of files.
• Acceptance of requests for files.
• Secret Key Generation.
• Validation of file and Secure transfer of file as well as key .
• Decryption of files.

Operating Environment
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk: 100 GB.
Input device: Standard Keyboard and Mouse.
Output device: High Resolution…
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