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Keeping to the Fairway

The Keeping to the Fairway case study is a complex situation that needs to be handled in the correct manner. At issue, is whether or not a company named Pace Sterling should proceed with their sponsorship of a Champions Tour golf tournament. The reason why their support is being questioned has to do with the host golf club 's (Dover Hill) membership policies. Dover Hill has been around for a hundred years and is a male only membership club. The WRO or Women 's Rights Organization has been pressuring the Dover Hill golf club to change their membership policies regarding women for years. Since nothing has been done they are now challenging the Champions Tour to stop holding their most prestigious golf tournament
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• Times have changed quite drastically from the year of 1936. Nowadays it is socially unacceptable to ban anyone from a club based on any type of discrimination. Any type of discrimination is looked upon very seriously now and to support a golf club that practices discrimination in any manner is wrong.
• More media pressure is mounting with the call for the top golfer not to participate in the tournament. If newspapers start singling out golfers that play in the event as discriminatory, then you could see many golfers pulling out of the tournament.
• For a company that is preaching diversity, sponsoring this event would not look good. It could affect the potential to attract new female employees and could hurt the chances of retaing the current female employees with great leadership and potential.
• To make enemies with a leading rights organization in the country would end up being disastrous. They would always be waiting for an opportunity to hurt the company and diminish its importance.
• It has been a long sponsorship already and maybe it is time to move on. To sponsor one thing for so long could become boring and routine. This could be an opportunity to go in a different direction.
• Following through with the sponsorship could effect the hiring of future female employees and could hurt their chances in retaining female workers. If the company truly believes in diversity then

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