Keeping My Sales Manager's Offer Changed Everything, For A Short Time Anyway

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Refusing my sales manager’s offer changed everything, for a short time anyway. Until then, I’d been working hard to implement the principles that my father had taught me, believing that it was only through a strong relationship with my customers that my own sales would grow. But after taking my stand against an early dismissal from the race, I picked up my pace considerably. I worked longer hours, getting to work long before anyone else did. I did more cold calling, enough to keep my sales manager from breathing down my neck. But mostly I spent more time getting to better know my customers. Following my father’s advice, I started building a profile on each of them. How much business we did together. Their likes and dislikes. Family names and birth dates. Things we talked about during my last visit. Business problems they wanted to solve. Solutions that had been suggested or tried. The names of their employees. Tidbits about their families. And on and on and on.
My father got me started doing this after showing me a stack of notebooks that he’d used over the last several years before his accident. Each notebook was crammed with similar key facts about his customers. He told me that before each appointment, he would arrive several minutes ahead of time and study the profile to refresh his memory about the people that he was going to see. Then, when he stepped into the office, he was able to pick up right where he’d left off from the last time he was there, remembering…

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