Keeping The Arms that Built America

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Keeping The Arms That Built America “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” This quote from Thomas Jefferson exemplifies the cautious attitude the founding fathers had when they were creating the constitution. Having just won a war with a tyrant country, they knew the trouble that a very powerful government could cause. With America turning towards socialistic and capitalistic ideals, American citizens must maintain the right to keep and bear arms and therefore returning America to the democratic principles set forth by our founding fathers. The men who wrote the Bill of Rights, having just escaped a controlling country, wanted to make a final check on the government that they had just created (Richardson 2). They accomplished this with the Second Amendment which gives U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms. And more specifically, the supreme court has decided that people as individuals have the right to keep and bear arms rather than just a collective militia i.e. the coast guard (1). Also, the Fourteenth Amendment prevents any stage from making or enforcing an law that threatens the rights of a U.S. citizen (14th amendment 1). This means that state governments can not pass a law that infringes upon the Second Amendment (McDonald v. Chicago). People on the opposing side argue that relaxed gun laws cause more violence and more death ( Williams 1); however, Washington
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