Keeping The Cold And Flu Bugs At Bey

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Winter is a time of fun in the snow, hot chocolate, and resting by a warm fire. It is also a time for viruses to run a muck. The following are a few tips to help keep the cold and flu bugs at bey. 1. Wash your hands frequently. This is a commonly known virus fighter. Anything we touch has been touched by others who might be carrying a virus. Frequent hand washing can keep us from allowing these germs to enter our bodies. 2. Crack a window in your house for a few hours a day. One of the reasons a "house" gets sick during the winter is because the germs have no where to go. They get into the ventilation and circulate through the house with no outlet. Cracking a window in a different room of the house a little while each day can give the …show more content…

8. Drink your herb tea. Echinacea tea has properties to shorten the common cold and flu It is also recommended to boost the immune system and fight infections. 9. Keep your hands away from your nose and eyes. Touching your eyes and your nose can give any virus your hands may have touched a quick route into your bloodstream. 10. Eat spicy foods. Eating spicy foods can help to clear the sinuses and give you a bit of relief if you are unlucky enough to have caught a cold. Certain spices can also shorten the length and severity of the cold. Since I have reached what many call "Middle Age", I am more conscious about my health as well as my diet then ever before. I believe in eating healthy, after all our bodies are not designed to process any old junk. My problem is defining what healthy eating really is? After putting "Healthy Diet" in my Google search engine and getting over 25 million results, all claiming to have the answer I decided to do my own research. I chose to look at the oldest people I know to see if there were any common traits among them. The oldest being just a few months shy of her 100th birthday and the others in their eighties and nineties. Now even though I am by no means a health expert or would I say my research was even close to being accurate or scientific, I did find out what I believe are the two most important factors to living a long life. Before we move on to them though first let me tell you that not

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