Keeping The New Law : Michael 's Law

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As I was making my way downtown, walking fast, faces passed and I was home bound, I realized the opportunity I was missing last Friday night, to observe the nightlife of our beautiful city of Athens. Now, the nightlife of any town is full of people bustling about to and fro. Bar hopping, partying, or just walking down the streets and enjoying the atmosphere. Athens is no different than any other town, but upon further observation I found something that was quite concerning. This may seem like a juvenile or a predictable place to start, if you know anything about Athens itself, but it is home to a quite questionable moral. Many observations made while sitting and waiting downtown, consisted of stumbling, screaming, smiles, tears, and lots of laughter from these seemingly unrelated clusters of people. Most of these people appear to be under the age of twenty one, which is a big deal considering the new law “Michael’s Law” requiring bars to be 21 and over in Georgia. One boy was on the curb attempting to talk to a police officer through crocodile tears and hyperventilation. Call me crazy, but it is doubtful he was crying over a parking citation at 1:30 in the morning, reeking of alcohol. It can be inferred he was receiving a Minor in Possession of Alcohol, but it could be a parking citation. Another girl, was on the phone screaming, “You don’t even love me, why you can’t just get that it was a onetime thing! Oh my God,” in stereotypical sorority girl fashion. Throughout the…
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