Keeping The Students ' Rights And School Policies

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Strategies and Options Keeping the students’ rights and school policies in mind, once the whistleblower reports the information, the educator should invite the accused student to a private location together with another impartial faculty member present to discuss the situation. The educator would then inform the student that he or she has been accused of using his or her cellphone during the examination that day and would remind the student of the academic and school policies which clearly state that using devices, such as a cellphone, during the exam is strictly forbidden and provide the student with copies of the policies. The policies would be reviewed together and specific sections where prohibitions of cellphone use during examination are stated would be highlighted. Throughout this meeting, the student will have the opportunity to explain or defend him or herself against the accusation. After stating his or her justification, the student would be asked if he or she would allow the educator to look through her phone and check if it was used during the times of the exam. If the student gives permission and searching the phone proves that it was in use during the test, the consequences of his or her behavior would follow the institutions policy that is outlined and a formal hearing would be completed to determine the course of action and to ensure the student’s due process. The student would then be given a copy of the discipline counseling form (Appendix

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