Keeping Up with The Jones'

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The Parks’ Family: “All American” white upper middle class, live in Bexley, Ohio. Both parents work. Paul works as an attorney for family law, mostly divorces and custody cases. Sharon works as administrator of All God’s Children, a private religious preschool-5th grade. Paul and Sharon have been married 28 years, have two children and a labradoodle. They are good people who regularly attend the local Christian church, participate in community service projects where the need is great, in the neighborhood on the other side of downtown Columbus, known as Franklinton. It is better known as ‘the bottoms’ to the residents, which include mostly low class, poverty single parent homes, drug houses, prostitutes and homeless. They love both of their children, although they are both very different. Their son Michael is following in both of their footsteps, working hard at a good education, worshiping God and giving back. Michael is a junior at Stanford University studying to be a biologists. He is an excellent student and is also active in the local church and is one of the youth group leaders. He has been dating Corry for two years at college, they are in love and things are going well but both are focused on school right now. Daughter-Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) is quite different from her older brother, she has never considered school important and although she graduated it was a very close call. She is defiant to any of the rules her parents have set, Lizzy has been that way since she

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