Keeping World Hunger From Being Solved

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A problem that is keeping world hunger from being solved is the issue is most prominent. Third world countries are the most problematic areas for hunger and malnutrition because they often have the most political issues, and these countries do not have any backup money source or food source when a natural disaster happens. Mowbray believes the economic system we live in now creates more of a gap between the developed countries and the third world countries (556). This gap makes it harder for the third world countries to buy food when they have a natural disaster such as a flood or a drought, which causes the country not to be able to produce the food that is needed for the people to survive. Nah and Chau agree with this and believe the third world countries are in a bad spot because whenever they have a drought or flood, or they have political unrest they are not able to provide for their country. This leads to their infrastructure falling apart, food interruptions, and an increase in the refugees that must leave their country (545). Another problem with the political unrest is if it causes a civil war. The civil wars can last several years, which is very hard for a country to come back from and usually leads to the country needing even more help than it did in the beginning. Countries often have hunger when they have political issues and food distribution issues, therefore the United Nations should implement a policy to end world hunger by forcing all countries to sign
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