Keeping Your Flower Bulbs and Garden Safe Essay

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Growing spring flowers from bulbs can be a rewarding venture that improves your garden's aesthetic interest. That is, if the bulbs ever reach the flowering stage. If rabbits frequent your property, your hard work might be in vain. With their sharp teeth, these uninvited intruders can viciously nibble the emerging buds off various bulbs and destroy your garden. There are various things you can do to protect your spring flowers from these deceptively cute critters.
Plant Undesired Bulbs
Planting rabbit-resistant bulbs in your garden can keep the nibbling intruders at bay. Spring flowering bulbs that rabbits dislike include ornamental onion (Allium spp.), Daffodil (Narcissus spp.), which thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant
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Bury the bottom of the fence 10 inches deep, making sure to bend it a few inches outward in a L-shape to keep rabbits from digging their way into your garden. (See References 4)
Try Other Methods
Other methods that you might want to try to keep rabbits from eating your spring flowers can include allowing a dog or cat to roam the garden. Flashing lights and noise-making devices might also keep the critters at bay, but isn't guaranteed to work, and unless ultrasonic, the noise can be bothersome to nearby neighbors. The unpleasant prickly texture of evergreen limbs of a Christmas tree, placed on the soil where your bulbs are buried, can also keep rabbits away. (See References 5, p. 107)
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• rabbits eat flowers
• protecting spring flowers
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• keep rabbits out

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